Danielle Mooneyham

social media marketer

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Little Legends

Building a Brand

For this project, started their social presence from the ground up, building an engaged following and sourcing UGC as the brand grew.

Legendairy Milk

Influencer Outreach and Content Creation

For this project I sourced influencers to create content that followed brand guidelines, created content scripts and gave revisions for a great final product. During this campaign I created engaging content to keep followers interested in our brand.

Austin Curls

Ideating, Copywriting, Filming, & Editing

For this project, I managed their page with a full service approach from creating content ideas, to filming, to editing and writing copy.

Brewer’s Yeast Campaign

Launching a New Product

For this campaign, I sourcing influencers to create high quality content to create excitement for a new product launch. Through this campaign, we were able to sell out of the product in less than a month.

Spinner’s Bar ​and ​Grill

Creating Hype

Spinner’s Bar and Grill hosts a variety of ​events at their restaurant. I created flyers ​to be distributed as physical copies as well ​as for use on paid social ads.